New Ozone Free Mineral Water Packaging Technology

As we all know, during the traditional production process of bottled water, finished water is mixed with ozone to form ozone water in certain concentration degree before filling. This craft can be easily operated, with highly efficient non-residual sterilization, and has relatively lower requirement of filling environment, the sanitation of bottles and caps and other packaging materials. So this kind of ozone sterilization filling technologies is widely applied. But due to the fact that the ozone may affect the flavor because of the reaction between ozone and mineral elements, what’s worse is that the health friendly bromide will mutate to bromate under the influence of ozone, and when the bromate exceeds some certain degree, it may cause health hazard and the probability of cancer.

Nowadays, many countries list the bromate into the strictly controlled hazardous substance in the security inspection. This is also emphasized in the new standards of Portable Natural Mineral Water regulation. With higher living standard and vaster popularization of scientific comment sense, customers pay more and more attention on the safety of portable water. New ozone free mineral water processing technology certainly will be the new tendency of this industry. As the expert and leader of the China’s high-end liquid (beverage) packaging machineries industry, Newamstar shoulders the inevitable responsibility, to conquer the key technical barriers of ozone free mineral water, and provide a guarantee of equipment and a support of crafts.

First of all, let’s check the risks we’re facing during the ozone free mineral water process.

1. Microbe Risk of Product Water

Ozone free means the lack of ozone’s sustainable sterilization effect on filling process. So without ozone, to eliminate the outcome caused by pathogenic bacterium and other microbes is becoming a new problem.

2. Microbe Risk of Packaging Materials (bottles and caps)

Since during the traditional ozone filling process, the filled bottled water still possesses sustainable sterilization ability, coming from ozone, so the primary sterilization requirement is relatively lower. However, in the section of ozone free filling, it’s essential to reinforce the sterilization of the packaging materials to control the microbe index of product water conveniently.

3. Microbe Risk of Production Environment

During traditional ozone mineral filling process, normally for filling environment, the one thousand grades purification would be sufficient. As for ozone free one, the filling devices will be exposed in the average one thousand grades purification environment, while the microbe, carried by the staff of maintenance, tools and components, will flood in.

Secondly, to eliminate the potential risks, what technologies are applied during filling process?

1. Water treatment must utilize air isolation, CIP and SIP technologies.

The resources of natural mineral water are always locating in the mountainous area, forests or in the wildness, with very little pollution and are relatively purer. But some water intakes are nearby the earth, stratums, plants and other complicated air environment, which impose bad influences on the sprung mineral water, especially the microbe pollution. So in the whole water treatment design, beside the protection of water resources, all the links between water intakes, transportation, storage and filtration shall be specifically designed with the reference of the resource environment and quality.

Water treatment must apply sir isolation technology. The system should be sealed reliably during the whole process, in avoid of the influence on water quality caused by the microbe brought from the contact with the surrounding air. So a sufficient level of air filtration should be put into use in the parts that will inevitably contact with air for isolation. For example, the storage tank is internally equipped with respirator with sophisticated filtration. And the correspondent links shall be installed with complete CIP and SIP sterilization system.

2. Sterilization of Packaging Materials

(1) Ion Electrostatic Dust Removal Technology

The transportation, storage and usage of pre-forma and caps may easily cause static, which draws the attachment of dust. While dust is the incubator of various microbes, it may pollute the packaging materials easily. The new type of Ion Electrostatic Dust Removal Technology can remove dust on pre-forma and caps of bottles. This technology not only is energy efficient, but also saves a large amount of sanitizer and water, which are essential for traditional washing

(2) UV ultraviolet ray sterilization of pre-forma and caps

(3) H2O2 VHP Spraying Sterilization Technology

H2O2 is now widely used on medical science as a safe and efficient sanitizer, which is also beginning to show its function in beverage packaging field. This technology sprays the evaporated H2O2 essence onto the surfaces of pre-forma and caps of bottles, and sustains its highly effective sterilization to pre-forma and caps during the high valid activity time. Comparing with the traditional spraying sterilization technologies, it saves a large amount of sanitizer, water, energy and land in use, also simplifies the devices and operation.

(4) Sterilization Oven with IR infrared rays and UV ultraviolet rays integrated

IR infrared rays heater heats the pre-forma up to 100-120℃, because the high temperature has some certain ability to sterilize microbes, which, at the mean time, gives the best activated warm zone for the evaporated H2O2, saving extra energy during the process. In this way, the traditional infrared heating oven is becoming a sterilization oven for the evaporated H2O2. Moreover, in the pre-forma heater, except for the IR infrared light boxes, UV ultraviolet light boxes are added to sterilize the spiral part of the pre-forma, which passes the lower temperature section. This ensures a more thorough and reliable sterilization of pre-forma.

(5) The 0.01μm high accuracy blowing air filtration can block various bacterium and mucedine

The blowing machine’s high-pressured air goes through 0.01μm aseptic filtration to ensure the air won’t bring the microbe into the bottles.

About Newamstar Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Since its founding, Newamstar, under the concept of “Driving development through innovation and winning the market with quality”, has been providing global customers in the five fields of beverages, dairy , liquors, condiments and daily chemicals with complete sets of intelligent equipment and comprehensive solutions for water treatment, pre-distribution, blowing, filling, secondary packaging, handling robots, intelligent stereo warehouses, etc., realizing the dream of “Made in China, Made for World”. From the support of formulation process, the three-dimensional design of product bottle to the overall engineering layout of users’ factory, from the R&D and design of core equipment, the installation and commissioning of engineering project, to the multi-dimensional training of operators, it has served Coke, Danone, Nestle, Otsuka, Wahaha, Dali, C’estbon, Ganten, Nongfu Spring, COFCO, Haday, Luhua, Hengshun, Nice and other famous brands at home and abroad. It has more than 2200 production lines in more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

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