Newamstar Blowing Filling Capping Combiblock Into Tibet


Clear blue sky, pure prairie, the majestic Himalayas and the mighty Brahmaputra——this is Tibet with beautiful homes and spiritual pure Land. In the high-pitched melody “Qinghai-Tibet Plateau”, in the sad movie “2012”, in the marriage of Princess Wencheng in thousands of miles, in the good care of the Panchen Lama in Tibet, we are seeking for Tibet.

Tibet Autonomous Region is located in the world’s largest and highest Tibetan Plateau with an average altitude of 4 km or more, bordering the Himalayas, India, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Myanmar and other countries in the south, with northeast Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan and other provinces as neighborhood. Tibet is vast in territory, spectacular in landscape and abundant in resources. 101 kinds of mineral resources were found, of which mineral reserves are top 5 in the country.

In 2006, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway opening to traffic sped up Tibet’s economic and social development and promoted national unity for the benefit of all nationalities.

In this golden opportunity of developing the western region, the national enterprises have sprung up everywhere and have been vaulted to fame with sharp market vision and highly viable market strategic planning. In 2011, Linzhi Deji Industrial Co., Ltd. was established and began to expand the scale under the guidance of the group with the support of national policy to produce high-end mineral water, and march into the beverage industry to seek new economic growth point. Deji’s strategic initiatives were far-reaching, not only in promoting local job placement, meeting consumer demand for green natural drinks, but also in greatly enhancing the tourism service level in Tibet and the overall supporting capacity.

Nyingchi Prefecture is located in the southeastern Brahmaputra River with an average elevation of 3,000 meters and just 900 meters at the lowest spot, which is humid in climate and pleasant. Known as “natural museum of natural history” and “natural green gene bank”, the landscape of Nyingchi primeval forest is well-preserved and one can find everything, such as tall Tibetan cypresses, Himalayan fir, living fossil plant “tree fern” as well as hundreds of species of rhododendron. In such a harmonious and friendly environment, crystal water mineral is flying like splash of water droplets to vegetation. During all years of mineralization and natural circulation, natural mineral water is rich in metasilicic acid, zinc and other minerals, which is beneficial to human health. Drinking the drinking is healthy   from the perspective of nutriology and nourishing of life.

Provide consumers with first-class healthy water and let the world drink good water in Tibet is always a wonderful vision of Deji people. To this end, Deji people devote themselves to seeking and strictly controlling the quality, and chose the water source site of Nyingchi to meet their own needs in protecting the local ecological environment. Going to the holy water sources, one can find lush trees full of vitality. No one resides within a 5 km radius of the mountain. In this pristine area, clear spring water flows along the sealed pipes until Deji Industrial factory at the foot.

Good equipment should be used to protect water sources for the production of high-end water. In accordance with the three-step strategy, in the fall of 2012, chairman Tao Feng, general manager Xie Hui of Deji Industries led a three-people delegation and took a plane visit the Mainland mineral water production equipment in a hurry. The first choice is energy-saving, low-carbon, environmentally friendly green product line, and the objective natural factors of thin air, low pressure, low oxygen, low temperatures and large temperature difference between day and night, required much more for the domestic equipment in considering the special geographical environment influence in Tibet. Chairman Tao was careful in making a decision. When the delegation came to Newamstar as scheduled, everything worrisome completely changed. Modern manufacturing base, world-class management, powerful equipment manufacturing capacity——all made inspectors surprised, who could not help but utter a heartfelt admiration. Subsequently, the delegation proposed confidently to visit the first-line plant of Newamstar domestic customers for equipment operation and learn some experience. Thus, accompanied by the marketing personnel and corporate leaders, the delegation of Chairman Tao came to Chinese wholly-owned subsidiary of Danone Group —- Danone Yili (Huizhou) Beverage Co. for nearly two hours visit. General manager Xie Hui was filled with emotion, “I could not believe my eyes, the French also use our Chinese filling equipment, and have purchased three high-speed filling lines, I believe Newamstar must also be able to provide us with the best quality filling line, and we will become long-term strategic partners. “Armed with Newamstar recognition, the delegation immediately returned to Newamstar headquarter, and the two sides further confirmed the relevant technical details before finally signing a contract of 24,000 bottles / hour blowing-filling-capping mineral water production line.

To get accustomed to the plateau climate and give full play to function and effectiveness of the blowing-filling-capping device, R & D personnel of Newamstar finalized equipment structure, filling method and bottle design, etc.. As long as it was conducive to production and transportation of plateau water, we would strive to achieve user-friendly operation, intelligence testing, and save energy to reduce the burden of the earth for the health of human beings, even with time-consuming and laborious processing.

With full of hope, in July 2013, Newamstar skilled, sophisticated and elegant first domestic 24,000 bottles / hour blowing-filling-capping mineral water production line was settled in Nyingchi, Tibet. To break the geographical restrictions and overcome altitude sickness, Deji project was implemented. And the blowing-filling-capping combiblock continued her unique style in improving packaging health conditions, reducing cross-contamination and improving overall operating efficiency to reduce the comprehensive production costs of customer plant. The machine not only increased use value of domestic equipment, but also enhanced the international influence and competitiveness of blowing-filling-capping combiblock.

Tibet is a place of blue sky, white clouds, green pastures, red faces, sweet mineral water and laughter. It is the first time for Newamstar blowing-filling-capping combiblock to in divine Tibet, which brings joy, prosperity and good luck. The snow-covered plateau is really resplendent…


Newamstar High-speed Blowing-filling-capping Combiblock combines the blowing systemfilling system and capping system in one integrated system, reducing several intermediaries suchas transmission, empty bottle handling and storage processes, which improves packaging hygienic condition and reduces packaging ross-contamination so as to improve the overall operating efficiencybut lower the energy consumption, thereby reduces the overall production cost of enterprises.

Newamstar High-speed Blowing-filling-capping Combiblock

Stable infrared ray heating system and independent heat balance device ensure the stable temperature of the preform, even color of the bottle and increase of the output.

Special designed twice-blowing system can monitor the pressure in each mold in order to provide accurate real-time parameter for operator. It is easy for the operator to adjust the parameter and ensure the stability of bottle forming.

High-speed and high-accuracy diaphragm type filling valve: Equip air back channel which is separated from liquid carousel, by which, the air replaced from the PET bottle won’t enter liquid carousel to avoid second pollution. Equip cleaning dummy bottles which can realize online CIP.

Sanitary and washable capper:Optimized cam surface design ensures the minimum
impact force of the capper .Bottle discharging starwheel is screwing decently, so it is unnecessary to adjust the conveyor height during bottle format change.

Driven by innovation and win the market by quality!

Newamstar has focused on liquid packaging industry since from its establishment. Taking innovation as guide and basis, we have been forging ahead constantly.

As an outstanding company in China high-end equipment industry, Newamstar has built a dimensional product system gradually including beverage, milk, alcohol, condiment and daily used chemicals. We have won many innovative “China First” for various products. All these achievements and milestones will be fixed and memorized in the long history of Newamstar.


In recent years, with the increasing of automation and production capacity of liquid food packing line, contradictions between inventory and production capacity have become increasingly prominent. At the same time, with the increase of land cost and labor cost,traditional discrete model of warehousing and logistics using single logistics equipment or personnel to carry out the transportation of product and raw materials has been outdated.

With the deepening of “industry 4.0” and “Internet +” concept, the Chinese industry is transforming from the traditional labor-intensive to the industrial automation, and the traditional management mode based on people is turning to computer-based Information and modern management. Intelligent equipment represented by robot and a new generation of logistics model with the function of data collection, management and data tracing is being more widely used in the market.

Intelligent stereoscopic warehouse system: the first choice of beverage factory to upgrade the modern warehousing and logistics

As the Chinese leader in the field of liquid packaging, Newamstar accumulated rich experience in long-term development. By industry research, product technology development and the integration of industry resources over one year, Newamstar introduced the concept of “Internet +” into the production line followed by the pace of “Industry 4.0”. On the basis of rising the capacity and stability of liquid packaging production line, Newamstar optimized the structure of production lines and improved the level of automation of the production line by reducing the cost, and improving the quality and efficiency.

System composition:

  • Goods transition and storage – high rise shelf, tray and container.
  • Check in & out device – palletizer.
  • Check in & out distribution system – roller and chain conveyor, distributing vehicle, lifter, etc.
  • WCS control system – includes check in-out device controlled by computer, distribution system, various kinds of inspection and safety device controlled by electricity.
  • WMS warehouse management system – warehouse account management, data analyzing, goods site arrangement, device operation and warehouse storage display, etc.

A double extension tunnel stacking machine is adopted in the projects of“Moon over a Fountain Co. Ltd”, which achieve an effective balance between capacity and efficiency by improving space utilization and flexibility of warehousing in a limited space. The production line is connected with the warehouse directly, so a lot of material transfer links was saved. With advance internet technology, it realizes the resources and data sharing and connection between the ERP(enterprise resource management system), MES (manufacturing execution system) and WMS (warehouse management system) to reduce the mistakes and speed up access of the goods. Compared with the traditional discrete warehouse, Intelligent stereoscopic warehouse system can save the cost of land investment, reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment and reduce labor costs, finally improve the production efficiency and the level of modern management by making packaging and storage system Integrated, automated and intelligent.

In 2015, with excellent R&D design team and processing advantages of equipment manufacturing, Newamstar completed the development of automated warehouse system with tunnel stackerand RGV rail transport trolley. In the same year, Newamstar successfully presented it on CBST exhibition in Shanghai, and received wide attention from lots of companies in the industry. In 2016, automated material transport under special circumstances is solved by researching and developing non-rail AGV transport trolley. Through the introduction of advanced visual logistics simulation software, we can make simulation test in the project planning process, and do all kinds of system analysis and engineering verification for the model to get the final optimized the design. It can also quickly confirm the logistic equipment solution, further verify the feasibility of the project, provide improving and management basic data for the system, and reduce operating costs of production enterprises.

Currently, Newamstar are upgrading internal logistic system within the enterprise based on stereoscopic warehouse system, which is going to build an automated logistics system by using AGV non-rail intelligent trolley to distribute the raw materials, and create a new automated management system with the product lifecycle management, process management and information management.

A new era, a new chapter, a new dream. With the evolution and promotion of intelligent stereoscopic warehouse system, it will help beverage manufacturers to clarify and refine requirements, quantify data target and accuracy control of the production process, and finally help to realize the intelligent, automation and modernization of plant.